[Vue3] Click to Zoom Image in 5 Minutes

Alright, in this post, I'm going to introduce a really cool library. You may have seen on blog services like Medium where clicking an image in the body makes it fill the entire screen. Try clicking the image below.


It works almost 99.9% the same as Medium. Actually, in my opinion, it looks even better. Medium's background turns white when zoomed in, but I prefer the black background as it feels more focused.

Implementing this cleanly might take some time.

In fact, you can install it in just 5 minutes, even if you're not using Vue. Let's dive right in.

Installing the Package

Firstly, the package name is medium-zoom. If you can use npm, install the package in your project using the following command, which includes TypeScript support.

yarn add medium-zoom
# npm install medium-zoom

If you can't use npm, that's okay. There's a CDN.

<script src="node_modules/medium-zoom/dist/medium-zoom.min.js"></script>

Alright, we're ready. No need to import CSS or anything.

Activating the Package

If you used npm, import mediumZoom like this: import mediumZoom from 'medium-zoom', and then use it. If you're using the CDN, just call meidumZoom() directly.

The interface is simple. Just put a CSS selector or HTML Element in the first position.

mediumZoom(selector?: string | HTMLElement | HTMLElement[] | NodeList, options?: object): Zoom

You'll understand it quickly with examples.

// CSS selector

// HTMLElement

// NodeList

// Array
const images = [

I used the first method, CSS Selector, in this blog. It means all tags with the data-zoomable attribute are targets of the library.

Refer to the example code and preview below. It's really simple.

import mediumZoom from "medium-zoom";


But if you want to set the background to transparent black when zoomed in, like on my blog, use the code below.

import mediumZoom from "medium-zoom";

mediumZoom("[data-zoomable]", {
  background: "#000000e6",
  <h1>Medium Style Image Zoom Demo</h1>
  <img src="https://picsum.photos/400/300" data-zoomable />

Creating a Vue Composable

Actually, even if you finish it like this, you'll probably use it well. However, for those using Vue3, I'll throw in a composable.

I named it useClickToZoomImage because I want it to be applied automatically when called.

import mediumZoom from "medium-zoom";

export function useClickToZoomImage() {
  onMounted(() => {
    mediumZoom("[data-zoomable]", {
      background: "#000000e6",

After doing this, call the composible in the .vue file.

<script setup lang="ts">
import { useClickToZoomImage } from "~/composables/useClickToZoomImage.ts";


    <h1>Medium Style Image Zoom Demo in Vue 3</h1>
    <img src="https://picsum.photos/400/300" data-zoomable />

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